Taking pictures has always been such an important way for me to document my life and my surroundings, but I didn't discover the true power and absolute necessity of photography until I became a mother. Now, seeing my children changing and growing so fast I can hardly keep up, I've realized the only way I can freeze time is with my camera. The way the morning light falls on my son's eyelashes, my daughter exploring the feeling of sand running through her fingers for the first time. These moments are so fleeting that even conjuring them in my mind makes my heart stop momentarily. But with my camera, I can keep little pieces of those beautiful instants forever. 


I'm a mother to two wild and incredibly sweet kids. My son Aron loves building things, is super into deep sea creatures, and is frighteningly good at riding a bicycle. My daughter Fenna could walk around our neighborhood pointing at things for hours, and seems to share a kindred spirit with every animal she meets. I'm a wife to my best friend Micah, who's also a visual artist. I'm a lover of life's beautiful and messy moments, spontaneous adventures, pastries, and reading.