working together

I believe in bringing authenticity into family photography with an approach that values the beauty in ordinary moments. I'm a chaser of beautiful light and am forever in pursuit of honest, spirited human connection.  I consider myself to have a cheerful yet quiet disposition, and have been told that I have a calming energy when I'm behind the camera. As we're working together, I'll encourage you to snuggle, tickle, read, explore, and exist together just as you would any other day. I'm all about the grass-stained knees, sand between the toes, laughing till you cry, tiny hands wrapped around your finger types of moments. Ultimately, my goal is to capture your family just as it is, so I try my best to stay out of the way and let you all love on each other as much as possible. 

Always be on the lookout for the presence of wonder” -e.b.white